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16th World Sanskrit
Conference 2015, Bangkok


B.A. (Philosophy), Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, M.A. (Sanskrit), Silpakorn University, Thailand, Ph.D. (Sanskrit) from the University of Delhi, India

Born in 1969 in Nokorn Rajsima Province in the northeastern Thailand, was ordained as novice and monk for 14 years, was graduated in the higest Pali Studeis grade 9 from the Assembly of Thai Sangha (Monks) and further his Sanskrit Studies in Silpakorn University, then got the Doctorate Degree in Sanskrit from the University of Delhi, India in 2002. Asst. Prof. Sombat is well-versed in the follows:
1. Buddhist Sanskrit
2. Pali
3. Indian Philosophy
4. NortheasternThai Dialect
5. Sanskrit Inscription in Indo-china.

Some of his articles are as follows :

1. “Maya in the Lan kavatarasutra : the Forgotten Teaching,” in the Proceedings of the International Sanskrit Conference on “Southeast Asia: The Harmonizing Factor of Cultures.” Bangkok : Sanskrit Studies Centre, Silpakorn University, 2003, 378-386.

2. “Paths to Victory : the Art of war” A paper in the Proceedings of the Gerini International Siamese Studies Conference on ‘G.E. Gerini and the Mosaic of Genius’. Bangkok: Faculty of Archaeology, 2005. pp.157-170

3. “Sanskrit and Pali : The Common Heritage and the Linking Bridge between India and Thailand.” A paper in the Proceedings of the Indo – Thai Relation Conference on ‘Mapping Connections : Indo – Thai Historical and Cultural Linkages’. New Delhi: Mantra Books. 2006